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If You Cut A Watermelon And It Looks Like This, Throw It Away Immediately

Summer season on the way and watermelon season on the way too. People like him because it’s the season fruit and it can hydrate your body because it contains a lot of water.

There are tips you have to know before you buy it because we have no idea how it is going to be on the inside. You can follow some tips on how to choose the right one.
There are facts that relate to appearance, shape, color prints or tail.

It’s important to be heavy and you can pick the heaviest one. There you know it is good. The shell should be glossy. Always check on the yellow side of the tail. If it white or green then no it’s not good, it’s undone.

You can kind of feel it with your fingers. If it feels empty then you can buy it. It will be good. For the shape, always go on the regular shapes like oval or round. Those who have irregular shape are not good.
Now let’s talk about the chemical part.

Farmers like to put in on the market before the time using chemicals. How can we make the difference? Always check the crack in the middle of the core. If it has it, throw it because it means he was raised with chemicals.

Did you know that the seeds of watermelon have a lot of nutrients, so don’t throw them away. It contains 150 grams of dried seeds, we find 30.6 grams of protein that means 61% of the daily value. Watermelons contain lycopene, are great antioxidants which lowers bad cholesterol. It can prevent heart diseases and osteoporosis.

A miracle fruit for the human body. So many functions just in one fruit. If you didn’t feel like eating it, you should now.

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