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I Never Knew Where Babies Came From Until It Happened To Me – Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn we all know as Butcher Hollow was the second of eight siblings. She had a tough childhood and her family were very poor. 

She got married to Oliver Lynn when she was only 16 years old. Loretta was a housewife, while her husband provided for the family. 

She was feeling sick and went to see a doctor. He told her that she was pregnant. Loretta didn’t understand what the doctor was saying and where the baby was going to come from. 

She never knew how babies were created until it happened to her. She had her son Jack in 1949. 

In her second pregnancy, she had miscarriages and in the third pregnancy, she got a C-section. 

Her early years of marriage were very difficult as her husband was a very hard worker and an alcoholic. 

Her difficult life inspired her songwriting and helped her to be a country legend. Her husband passed away at the age of 69, and she moved to Nashville and picked the pieces of her life up, and is focused on supporting her children and career.

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