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Hunter Johansson, Non-Famous Twin Brother of Scarlet Johansson

Scarlet Johansson, the famous Hollywood celebrity, has a twin brother that no one knew about. His name is Hunter and they look so much like each other. 

They were born on the 22nd of November in 1984. Their birth city is New York City, where they grew up with their family. 

Hunter has been always out of the media but he has always been there for his sister, trying to help her any way he could. 

Scarlot started her acting career at a very young age. She was only 13 when she appeared in “The horse Whisperer”. It was a success and it got her more jobs. 

When it comes to her private life, Scarlet has kept a low profile. This is also the reason why most people didn’t know she had a twin brother.  She loves spending quality time with her loved ones. She has a daughter named Rose Dorothy.

Getting back to her relationship with Hunter, they are still inseparable, just like they were when they were kids. They are now 37 years old and still manage to always be in touch. 

Family is also very important to Hunter. He thinks of his family as his guiding light. They share everything together.

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