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Hugh Hefner’s Ex Karissa Shannon Reveals She Aborted The 84 YO’s Baby

The twins do not regard Hefner in a good light, 13 years after ending their year and a half relationship that was filmed for the reality series The Girls Next Door.

Karissa said on an episode of A&E’s docuseries Secrets of Playboy that everything started becoming a job right from the beginning.

Hefner told them that if they wanted to become his girlfriends, they had to have se*ual en*ounters.

Karissa discovered that she was pregnant with him when she took a blood test while doing plastic surgery.

She thought that it wasn’t possible to conceive a baby with an 84 years old man.

She didn’t want him to know that she was pregnant, and to be stuck even more with him, or give him away to control her, as she confesses.

Even now after a decade, they are still dealing with a PTSD diagnosis due to their relationship with Hefner.

It was like a cult, we lost ourselves there, and all our innocence. That part of us is gone away forever.

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