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How To Understand That My Shih Tzu Has a Normal Weight

We know that you want your dog to be healthy, as much as you want his weight to be ideal. I can understand that. You can distinguish it very simply. Dogs need to eat healthy food to live healthily. Just like humans, the weight of the dog fits the size of the body.

Sometimes you can’t understand this. According to researchers, a dog that has a normal weight should not exceed 15 pounds. But dogs of different ages have different sizes. For example, small dogs weigh less. This way, even older dogs can weigh approximately 20 pounds. See Tzu are dogs who like activities a lot. They have a very active life and play all day. It helps them not to gain too much weight.

But you have no reason to worry. Just as there is a way to lose weight with humans, so it is with dogs. Remember that your dog’s weight is also affected by his genetics. It can make it harder for him to lose weight. Some dogs can be small all their lives, with small bodies. It is because the parents of this dog had the same body mass.

Exceptions are made for these types of dogs. Usually, a Shih Tzu gains weight normally. According to veterinarians, there may not be a certain weight that they can call ideal. If a small dog weighs little, this is nothing to worry about. Your dog’s weight fits very well with your body size.

Studies have found that Shih Tzu gains weight in several ways. It is important to understand what problem your dog may have. Some dogs gain weight due to a lack of physical activity. These dogs are older and do not have the energy like young dogs. Some dogs suffer from various diseases, do not eat well, have genetics, etc.

But to keep this in check, we can help our dogs. Of course, the schedule and the type of food are important. We can encourage them to eat healthy foods and help them stay calm. If your dog is healthy, it should stay away from high-calorie foods.