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How To Overcome Obesity In Your Shih Tzu?

Just like any other dog, arthritis can affect Shih Tzus also. When they are affected, they have an abnormal change in the joint. 

For arthritis as for now, there is no cure. Despite this fact, there are a lot of ways to treat this condition specifically when it is caught in the early stages. To avoid surgery, you have to recognize the signs early.

Arthritis has two main causes. Age & Obesity. Because of their size, Shih Tzus find it more difficult to develop arthritis than other larger dogs can. We have other factors also. Infection, trauma, and Hereditary or Congenital Defects. 

The signs are obvious that there is something wrong with your Shih Tzu. He favors one leg over the others. He doesn’t want to run or jump. They may cry out in pain if you touch the area with arthritis. 

He would rather lie down than sit and doesn’t want to climb the stairs. Has low stamina and more. If you see one of these signs or suspect them, your Shih Tzu may be developing arthritis and you should see a vet as soon as possible. 

The most important part is their food to lower the inflammation and feel less pain. 

You need to put them on a diet if they are overweight. 

Even if that arthritis is there, you can ease the pain and assure comfort to your Shih Tzu. Make sure they have proper exercise and diet. 

Your vet will help you with all the guidance needed to ease his pain and get him better. Follow every piece of advice and help your Shih Tzu as much as you can.