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How To Make A Shih Tzu Fur Smooth

Keeping the shih tzu’s fur smooth, soft and shiny is very important as it reflects the health and well-being of the shih tzu. And it doesn’t matter if the shih tzu’s coat is short or not.

It is always necessary to keep an eye out to leave a shih tzu with an impeccable smooth coat. Last month we talked about the importance of the shih tzu’s coat.

Were you excited to know how to smooth your shih tzu’s coat, but didn’t know where to start? Your problems are over! The little manual to take care of the shih tzu’s coat has arrived, so you learn how to make the shih tzu’s coat more beautiful.

What is your shih tzu eating

Shih tzu that feed on low-quality food or homemade food without criteria and are unbalanced may have difficulties in obtaining the necessary nutrients to keep their coat beautiful.
Low-fat diets cause an Omega 6 deficit, which results in thick, dry fur. Always read the composition of each shih tzu food.

Your shih tzu’s food should always be fresh – Your shih tzu’s food can be oxidized if exposed to the air and this causes much of the nutrients in the feed to be lost. It’s simple: keep it in the shih tzu’s food and don’t leave it exposed to the environment.

Have a good bathing routine for your shih tzu

As has been said before, good nutrition is the foundation. Without quality food, shih tzu will never have that coat that other owners will be jealous of.

The best dog food for shih tzu is, without a doubt, the super-premium imported ones. If you can’t budget for them, look for premium pet foods from the same manufacturers. They are very good and a little cheaper.

Regular baths. There is no unanimity among veterinarians about the frequency of bathing in shih tzu. Some say that the ideal is one a month, others defend it every 15 days, and others once a week.

Shih tzu’s skin is not like ours, it was not made for bathing every day and because of that, they can even develop health problems.

Correct shampoo for shih tzu

If your shih tzu’s skin is dry, consider shampoos with aloe vera or oatmeal. There are also hypoallergenic types, in addition to specific shampoos for certain skin or fur types of the shih tzu.

Brush and remove loose shih tzu hair daily

It doesn’t matter if the coat is large, medium, or short the important thing is to choose an ideal brush for shih tzu.

Some dogs shed more hair than others and it is always important to brush, as this is part of their hygiene. Brushing, even if your shih tzu is short-haired. For long-haired shih tzus, then, daily brushing is essential to remove dead hair.

As shih tzu like to lick themselves if they scratch sometimes, they can ingest absurd amounts of hair, even causing intestinal obstruction. Short-haired shih tzu can be brushed once a week. Here is a link on how to brush your shih tzu’s coat.

Oatmeal baths for shih tzu

You can buy shampoos with oatmeal, but a homemade bath for your shih tzu with this product can greatly improve the health of your shih tzu’s coat. Also, it’s much cheaper. Oatmeal smoothes the fur and moisturizes the skin. Great for dogs with allergies.

Herbal remedies for shih tzu

Horsetail and spirulina (a type of seaweed) are good options to give your shih tzu. Horsetail contains silica, which helps to have healthy fur, hair, and bones. Spirulina has vitamin B and carotenoids, great for beautiful skin. Always consult your veterinarian before giving any medicine, natural or otherwise, to your shih tzu.

Coconut Oil Supplements – There are many benefits that coconut oil brings to humans and it can also be good for your shih tzu. In addition to helping regulate digestion and preventing infections, a periodic dose of the oil is also good for your shih tzu’s coat.

How to moisturize the puppy’s coat

How to make your shih tzu’s fur beautiful – At least once every 30 or 40 days, take your shih tzu for a cosmetic treatment. Nowadays there are cauterization and hydration for shih tzu fur specially formulated for the fur.

Some lines have a complete sequence with 4 or 5 steps, like the treatments for humans, which clean deeply, seal the scales of the wires, and moisturize, generally finishing the process by passing a flat iron on the shih tzu’s fur. You can’t imagine the results! Just experimenting.

Benefits of hydration in shih tzu fur – Hydration Masks contain special actives that promote deep and intense hydration, reconstruction, texturization, keratinization, and nutrition of the coat, in addition to giving shine and softness, providing a better finish.

How to use hydration on shih tzu fur

How to make your shih tzu’s coat soft – Remove all the dirt from your shih tzu’s coat with a shampoo suitable for shih tzu. Rinse well. Apply the hydration (choose the most suitable) on the shih tzu’s coat, massaging from the root to the tips in shih tzu with a long coat or from the tips to the root, in shih tzu in which greater coat volume is sought.

Let it act for 10 minutes, under heating or not. Rinse well. Dry the coat only with a dryer. Below is a really cool video showing how to make the shih tzu fur long using a flat iron.

Tips – And speaking of a veterinarian, it is always important to have his diagnosis. If your shih tzu is very itchy and has no sign of a flea, tick, or scabies, it could be an allergy. The vet may recommend some treatments to address this or a change in diet.

Every dog ​​is different, so make sure you’re doing what’s best for your shih tzu. Remembering that the shih tzu’s fur is smooth, be very careful with the use of flat irons. Share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook.