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How Muffin The Senior Shih Tzu Helped Save Dobby The Beagle Pup’s Life

The ten-year-old Shih Tzu dog, named Muffin, has made an incredibly brave gesture by alerting its owner of the health of its brother puppy. The other puppy, Dobby, had suffered a seizure after falling in the snow and Muffin warned their owner about it. 

Muffin is an adventurous dog and is also very assertive and is not afraid of any kind of weather condition. It was actually these kinds of traits that helped her save her adoptive brother Dobby.

This happened on 24th January. When the owners noticed that Muffin was barking more than usual they knew that something was wrong. They realized that Dobby was missing in the afternoon around 07:30 pm when it was time for his walk. 

They started searching for Dobby and that is when Muffin was scratching at the back door that led to the backyard. After letting Muffin outside, Muffin went behind the shed and started barking. The owners realized something and followed her. 

If it wasn’t for Muffin, the owners would not have thought of searing behind the shed. That is the place where Dobby was. He was lying there in the snow with his eyes closed.

Dobby was very cold and couldn’t stand up. Dave, the owner, had to carry him and get him back into the house. Recently Dobby had had some seizures and most probably had one while in the snow also. Dave had to carry him inside and get him into a warm blanket.

Now, Dobby is better and is doing just fine. The warm blanket and a few bites to eat really worked for Dobby. Of course, Muffin also was rewarded for her act and got some extra attention that night.

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