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How Much Does It Cost To Keep A Shih Tzu?

That the dog is man’s best friend we already know, right? We have to think about how much it costs to raise a Shih Tzu as he deserves.

With advances in laws that protect animals, the result of support and pressure from advocacy groups, many proposals, and adoption projects have emerged – which have taken many dogs off the streets and zoonosis centers.

On the other hand, there was also quite a market! Before, domestic animals were more outside the house, as they were not seen as a “member of the family”.

Today that has changed a lot! Dogs gained space in the living room, and often even in their owners’ beds.

It is still possible to follow your shih tzu through online cameras at daycare centers (yes, there are dog daycares!).

It is now also possible to know what your shih tzu is doing through an interactive collar that sends reports to your cell phone. Yeah, times have changed.

But before all that, we are going to give you some tips that you should take into account before acquiring your Shih Tzu puppy, and a preview of the care you need to take to take good care of him and the costs involved in having a shih tzu.

1 – Before buying a Shih Tzu puppy!
If you’ve decided to buy and decide you want a Shih Tzu dog, research it first (there are breeds that may look super cute, but have common health problems, require some special care, etc.).

Meet the breeder of the shih tzu breed and see how they treat the animals. Concerned breeders only deliver neutered puppies. Be careful when buying from pet stores or breeders with “promotions” on shih tzu puppies. You could end up buying a sick shih tzu.
Your new friend can cost upwards of $400, depending on the breeder.

2 – First care

Before going out for a walk with him, take him to the vet for an initial check up and vaccination, see the costs:
Medical consultation: between $20.00 to $90.00
Vaccine: every pet needs 2 to 4 doses of V10 (depending on the clinic’s orientation) with an interval of 21 days between them. Each one costs an average of $30.00 to 80.00.
In addition to this vaccine, you will have others such as rabies, dog cough, flu, etc.
Too much spending on deworming, anti-flea, and new hygiene products for your home should also be taken into account.

3 – Coming home sweet home

Here’s what you’ll need to buy to receive it:
“Welcome” kit for your shih tzu puppy: bed, toys, food, water and food bowl, and snacks. Here’s the average price:
Bed: $30.00 to $100.00
Feed: The tip here is to choose premium type feed that is of superior quality to the others and maintains better health for your shih tzu – which means going to the vet less. The cost is around $20.00 for a 1kg bag that should last about 20 days.
Collar: $ 10.00
Snack: $ 10.00
For those who live in an apartment: if you don’t have a backyard to leave your shih tzu (which is not recommended) free and loose, the way is to buy hygienic mats for you to put on the floor and teach your shih tzu puppy to be very patient. there is his bathroom! The package with 30 units costs $ 25.00.

4 – Don’t you have anyone to leave him with or is he getting ready? Nurse him!

If you don’t have anyone to leave it with and when your shih tzu is alone at home, he leaves everything upside down, there’s a way to fix it. Think of a gym, something that will unleash your friend’s beasts making their stay at home more peaceful.
The monthly plan of 3 times a week at a daycare center costs around $ 120.00.

Or if you prefer, there is also “daycare” where a specialist visits your home and stays with your shih tzu there!

And if you stopped doing the math there in the second tip, know that everything we have raised here ranges from basic needs to super special care and that must be adapted according to your pocket and the desire to please your dog.

In any case, remember that it is not the most expensive toy that will make your shih tzu happy, as he will certainly always welcome you full of joy when he gets home. The main tip is: to take care of him with affection.

As Gandhi said “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated” Treat your new friend with respect and love and above all, be patient, he loves you and always misses you!

Baths for a shih tzu cost between $7 and $15. “The frequency depends on the dog’s coat: weekly for long lengths and fortnightly for short lengths.

There are owners who complain about the smell and prefer to wash their pets even every day. But be smart about how often you bathe your dog.

6-Veterinary Consultations

Medical consultations, once a year, cost from $40 to $90. “When the shih tzu reaches six or seven years, visits need to happen at least every six months.