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How Long Has Bruce Willis Been Struggling with Aphasia? Hollywood Insiders Claim it Was an Open Secret For Years

New details are coming up for Bruce Wills struggling with aphasia while on sets he has been experiencing difficulties before he made a public announcement.

After the LA Times published an exposé about movie producer Randall Emmett readers discovered that it was information also for Willis inability to communicate or act while he was working on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass in 2020.

It was revealed that Willis had some serious problems while shooting the movie. He is now 67 year old and has tried a lot of ways to take down a door for a scene but hasn’t finished the task.

They tried to teach him how to act in a scene using voice through an earpiece and had to feed him his lines because he could no longer remember them.

Also a stunt coordinator tried to help Willis through a scene but he was not able to understand.

Emmett who was directing for the first time saw that Willis was not able to do what he asked for, frustrated, left the set and Willis did not understand what he did wrong.

He called Lala Kent crying and said to her that Bruce couldn’t remember any of his lines. He has no idea where he is or what he is doing.

Now what he was struggling with was an open secret. Alicia Haverland said that what he was struggling with now was an open secret and you could easily see his condition. He continued working even though his diagnosis because he wanted to and his appearance in the movies could get financed.

His family declared that he was diagnosed with aphasia and he would be retiring from acting.

Emmett was asked about his experience with Willis and did not let anything wrong with it.

He said that he was a whole different psychology and he was a giving actor.

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