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How King Badu Bonsu II of Ghana Killed Dutch Government Officials and a Governor

While you are all wondering which king this is, his name is Badu Bonsu II. It is the Ghanaian king famous for his way of governing and his ingenuity. But unfortunately, he was killed by a German who was controlling the Dutch Gold Coast at the time.

At that time, his government was very calm and stable. He and his people lived in complete peace. This peace was broken when foreigners approached their shores. They had come to take the lands of King Badu. The people were dissatisfied with the approach of the Dutch. They were approaching to plunder their lands. If they were to enter the kingdom of King Badu, they would interfere in the affairs of government. To prevent this, the king prepared his soldiers and went before the Dutch. He killed some of them and Governor Hendrik Tonneboeijer.

The Dutch government did not like this at all. They began to make decisions on this issue. To prevent further attacks, they sent more soldiers. In the lands of the Ghanaian king, several battles took place and King Badu was arrested by the Dutch. He was convicted of murder and hanged. After the death of the king, the Dutch sent their commander to Ahanta. He would maintain ties between the Ghanaians and the Dutch.

After the king was assassinated, a Dutch surgeon cut off his head from his body. But the head was lost only after 1 century. Many attempts were made to search for the king’s head. The head was discovered in 2005 by Dutch author Arthur Japin. He had read the story of the head and its loss. After this moment, he notified the government authorities. They were convinced that the head should return to its place. The body and head of King Badu returned to his homeland and was buried there.

“It simply came to our notice then. I was studying for my novel. I had to study for a boy who had gone from Ahanta to Holland. During this story, I also got to know King Badu and the story of his head. The boy I was studying for was a close friend of the king. I became curious and wanted to know where his head was hiding. I found him looking in a dark closet. I think it will have been hidden there for around 2 centuries. “