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High School Teacher’s Reaction To Sleeping Student Has Gone Viral For All The Reasons

In this article, we will see how a high school teacher who left his students sleeping in the class went viral because of it. 

The high school teacher we are talking about is Monte Syrie. He teaches English and during one of his classes, one of his students fell asleep. 

The teacher left him alone and let him sleep, giving a lesson of kindness to his other student and all the society on Twitter. 

He had a very good reason behind this act. That day the students had to write an essay and the sleepy student obviously missed it. 

But, Meg, the student, managed to write the essay later and submit it in the evening. 

The teacher said that we should consider our feelings and instincts more. If Meg had been in another class, she would probably take a zero as an evaluation for missing the essay. 

Monte, the teacher, decided to listen to Meg and take into consideration her reasons. He found out that Meg, like many other high school kids, had to grow up too fast.

That day, like many others, Meg had to wake up at 5 am to do chores. So she was actually just tired and not at all disrespectful to Monte’s class. 

He argues that people should not forget that kids also have busy schedules and they can often get tired and may need a break. So we should be understanding and not disrespectful. 

Of course, there were people who did not think the same as the teacher and gave him negative comments but the majority of the online community agreed with him.

What do you think about this story and the teacher’s way to handle it?

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