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‘Heartless’ Teacher Mocked Student Every Day, Boy Had Enough and Recorded Every Insult

In this article, we will see the story of a student who was mocked by his teacher every day. A friend helped him by recording all the insults that the teacher gave to the student.

The source of this story is the feed of a Reddit user who shared this with the community online. The user is Johnny Provolone who was having difficulties with studying.

The user said that the teacher of his Algebra class made his life miserable because he was not as fast as the other students.

The teacher that was supposed to help him study started to become a bully and called him “slow” at any chance she could get.

Every time that the student would ask a question regarding the class the teacher would bully him and make fun of him.

But unfortunately, no one believed that Johnny was being bullied by his teacher since every time that people from the school administration would participate in the class, the teacher would behave in the best way.

Johnny was tired of this behavior and decided to do something to change this. He bought a recorder and decided to record everything that happened during class.

He recorded everything and made a mixtape which he then showed to the administrators. Later they showed it to the entire class and there was the teacher present also.

The teacher knew things were going to change for her now that everyone found out the truth.

Johnny describes this as one of the most wonderful moments of his whole life. He got his revenge and the teacher was fired.

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