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Heartbroken Father Watches Infant Son Taken Off Life SUpport Weeks After Wife Dies At Childbirth

Having a family and living a life full of love was all Matt Accurso imagined and dreamed of. When he got the news that his beloved wife was pregnant with a boy after having three little girls, their perfect family would be completed.

The father had to give an end to his dream, as his beloved wife passed away due to complications while giving birth to their son. 

They spent more than 20 years together, since high school and were parents to three beautiful and amazing girls. 

She passed away in a very rare and unpreventable medical emergency. Matt was grieving for his beloved wife and the mother of his children but had to hear another unbearable news. 

The little baby suffered a brain injury and was struggling with cognitive function and development. The dad was sitting helplessly by the side of his son linked and attached to machines. 

He watched his son spend a couple of weeks attached to life supporters in the NICU and had to watch his son pass away. 

I have a miracle, he said. My miracle was having a sweetheart for 20 years by my side and 4 gorgeous babies. 

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