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Healthy Triplets Are Born, Ten Minutes Later Doctor Admits To Major Blunder

While this mother was giving birth, the doctor said that it might be necessary to cut with a knife. Apparently, there was something wrong with one of her little triplets.

The mother, Bella, is 36 years old and her husband Josh is 37. They were both very excited and couldn’t wait to welcome their three babies into this world.

But their joy faded when the doctor entered the room with bad news for them. The mother sensed immediately that something was wrong.

The couple couldn’t figure out what it was since the delivery went very well and all three babies were healthy when they were born. 

The doctor said that he had made a mistake while going through the results of the tests performed as usual on newborn babies.

He said that their daughter Cara had to be tested again. This was a very rare case. Previously in his career, the doctor had seen only one similar case. 

Doctor Ken went and performed the tests on little Cara. He later came back with the results.

He compared this case to that of a little girl in Kenya who had the same issue and then turned out to be a positive thing.

Her muscles developed at a faster rate compared to other children and she became a very successful gymnast.

She won three gold medals at the Olympics.

The parents were relieved to find out that this was actually a blessing and not a problem at all.

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