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He was Homeless, Now The 10-Year-Old Is Now A US Chess Champion

A story like this is an example that in life, we ​​must always work to achieve goals. Although he was clean, this did not stop the 10-year-old from winning an important title in the USA. Today Tanitoluwa Adewumi has been proclaimed the National Master of Chess in the USA. He already lives in New York and shows that chess has always been his dream. He won the chess championship two years ago when he was homeless. But he never gave up.

The game jury and judges describe him as a smart and very calm boy. “He played a fantastic game. He deserves to be called a chess champion. Adewumi is a talented and hardworking boy. ” write about it.

In the chess championship, he won more than everyone and surpassed the other competitors. He won the trophy and the title of Master of the Chess Nation of the United States. He is the first child to achieve this.

The little one was happy about this victory, and the family shows that they are very proud of his victory. He lived in Nigeria with his family but then moved to New York, and his family arrived there in 2017. The difficult situation in Nigeria and poverty pushed them to leave their country for a better life.

He had no shelter when he was little and lived with his family. He learned chess at school, and from there, he began to have a passion and practice it with his friends. After winning the chess championship, funds were raised to build a good house for the 10-year-old.