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He Arrived At The Hospital With Pain In His Leg And The Doctors Did A CT Scan To Find Answers

The brain is one of the most important organs. It controls all activities in the human body, starting from thoughts, movements, emotions, reactions, etc. When a part of the brain does not work, the whole system of work in the organization changes. A CT Scan gave answers to the doctors about this man.

This man, even though he has a brain smaller than normal, performs all normal functions. The whole problem lies in the bag filled with water. In the skull of the 44-year-old, there is a ventricle filled with water. This has caused a serious illness for him. Because the sac filled with water is large, the size of the brain is small.

The patient has undergone many medical and neurological examinations. Recently, Lionel Feuillet, an experienced neurologist who is also part of the Mediterranean University, has stated that the brain has shrunk.

This reduction could have gone up to 75%. However, this remains a conjectured percentage. No one can say exactly the reduction that has been caused.

CT Scan discovered everything

This patient had discovered his problem long ago. He had tried to ease the water in his brain since childhood. Now he is married and has two children. Although a lot of time has passed since his childhood, he has had frequent check-ups with doctors.

In the latest tomography and magnetic resonance, doctors discovered something shocking. The small chambers that hold the cerebrospinal fluid were greatly enlarged.

However, this did not affect his way of thinking and living. The doctors have informed him that the fluid has occupied most of the head and the brain has shrunk. In this case, several important areas of the brain were affected.

The doctors say that their 44-year-old patient is lucky. It is not very easy to face life normally when you suffer from such a disease.

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