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Have You Seen The Woman That’s Married To One Of The Most Handsome Actors In The World?

One of the most handsome mans in Hollywood is Pierce Borsan. He is married to Keely Shaye Smith, happily married and is a father of five. They have been married for two decades and are one of the most loved celebrities couples.

Brosan in the moment that he saw Keely knew she was something special about her. He says he loves everything about her, her passion her vitality, and makes him feel safe around her strength and weak when she sees him.

As people of Hollywood, they are busy with lot of work and still find time for each other. They decided to go on a getaway and romantic trip to Santa Barbara. They spend the time listening to each other voices and drank wine and forgot the world existed.

On their 25th anniversary he declared once again his love for her and thanked her for the love she gave him. For her 58th birthday he shared on social media a picture of them together and she was wearing a short dress and black glasses.

He wishes her a happy birthday. One other person who wished her happy birthday was Rita Wilson and Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad wished her and her husband too.

They look like they have been together for too long time bur Pierce had been married to Cassandra Harris who lost her life due to ovarian cancer and their child too.
After these huge loos he decided do give himself and love another chance and they together worked out.

Due to years maybe to the age Keely has gained some weight but Pierce feelings have not changed and he loves every curve in her body. For him she is the most beautiful woman in the world and the best mother. She gave birth to their five children. Beautiful souls.

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