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Hailey Bieber Is Being Sued For Trademark Infringement By Business Who Claims She Tried To Purchase Their Brand In The Past

If we speak for health we have to make sure that everything we are using in our body is safe. But what is happening with Hailey Bieber and her skincare company? She is being sued for her skincare line “Rhode”.

The young model is being sued for trademark infringement which has the same name as a fashion company back in 2013 in court documents. The executive crew of the fashion company Purna Khatau and Phoebe Vickers have spoken for the rights of Rhodes’s rights.

Even though the sacrifices for the brand Vickers and Khatau say that the brand is very important to them.

On the other hand, Hailey shows no interest in the other two women who have used the name for their brand for years. Nowadays social media is so important for their marketing and yet we have another problem for the two women who have declared that the journey of Rhode started back in college and was created from nothing.

They say that now that Hailey has launched her brand with the same name, they are taking the law way to protect the business. She has also asked to buy the name from two entrepreneurs almost four years ago.

Recording to them, her using their name is affecting their company and their policy.

They do have a lot of respect for Hailey but she is affecting their crew, their consumers, and everything. Two interpreters sound sure that Hailey will understand the harm she was causing and they expect the rights to be evaluated.

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