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Girlfriend Gives Man Ultimatum, Requesting To Get Rid Of The Dog Or She Will Leave him, His Reaction Is Speechless

Yes, you have read it right. The girlfriend gave her boyfriend an ultimatum to get rid of the dog or she will leave him.

Were you speechless because most of the people are, especially animal lovers. Animals sometimes are an antistress action around the house and they do become a part of the family once they get adopted.

This situation was unbelievable for the boy who is an animal lover and his girlfriend no. For an animal owner what she asked it’s unacceptable, because you can’t just abandon it because other people do not like him.

His girlfriend often complained about the dog’s presence to her boyfriend and often told him to dump him or their relationship would be over.

He got her the response she deserved and the internet gave him a hand. His response is priceless because he explains that: his girlfriend doesn’t like his dog called Molly so he has to rehome her.

The description is priceless too: she likes to play games and is not trained, has long hair and nails too, high maintenance, stays up all night and sleeps while he is working and eats expensive food.

Doesn’t greet you at the door and doesn’t give unconditional love. Doesn’t bite but is mean.

The part where everyone got surprised: he says if anyone is interested in his 30 year old girlfriend because he and his dog want to rehome as soon as possible.

We don’t know what happened next but we do know that the man was tired of her behavior. We can be sure this was a surprise for his girlfriend.

What do you think, was this a genius ad from the boy or he went too far? Share your thoughts with us.