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Girl With Severe Burns After 3 Months From Birth Meets Person That Changed Her Life After 4 Decades

Having a bay is a blessing. We can say that the medicine and the doctors make miracles to save lives but they are not the only ones. Let’s be all honest, that together with the doctors are the nurses too but most of the time we forget about them.

Amanda Scarpinati after birth only at three month old had a terrible accident and was left with third degree burns in the body.

Having a mark nowadays can make you an object of bullying and this is what happened to her as she grew up and walking by because of her marks she heard people commenting and using bad words.

But sometimes in our lives there are people who make us have more trust and strength like her nurse who took care of her when she was hospitalized and loved her so much even though she didn’t even know her.

When people would make fun of her looks, she would take care of her and watch old pictures together, holding her in her arms like a mother. The nurse and the girl who were completely strangers would make each other feel good. Those old pictures of her being a baby gave her power to keep her head up and continue living.

After years she started looking for her but after 38 years to thank her for the amazing message, she gave her while she was growing up.

She wrote something online for the nurse that she didn’t know or her name and would like to meet and get to know her.
The post became viral and she found her name. She is called Suzy Berger and she got to talk and get to know her.

They met and cried together while hugging. Even though now Amanda handy the scars thanks to esthetical surgeries Suzi knowed her.

She helped Amanda through the years even though she wasn’t there. Amazing story.

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