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Girl With Eye-Catching Fuzzy Locs Finally Accepts Her Condition

Shilah’s unusual condition of hair surprised everyone. She is now one of the most special children in the world, because of her hair. For a very short time, the news spread on social media.

People were surprised by this because they had never seen anything like it before. She is baby Shilah Madison Calvery. Shilah is a very beautiful girl and her hair is blonde.

Her parents initially did not know what was happening to their daughter. But after much research they realized that their daughter had a rare type of hair. This taught them to accept this fact.

Shilah also grew up knowing she was not like everyone else. Although it was very difficult to accept this they could not change anything.

Shilah faced discrimination and bullying at school. Classmates teased her and joked about her hair. They also mocked him by giving him different nicknames. She felt very bad at school.

She is now 12 years old and is still experiencing difficulty with her hair. She knows she is unique and is trying to be a happy girl. When Shilah was born, her mother had no problems. She was a beautiful girl with blue eyes.

But later her parents dyed her blonde hair brown. Her hair was not growing down, but it was extending vertically up. Everyone was surprised. Her hair was soft and not like all hair.

This is called uncomfortable hair syndrome. According to doctors this is a rare syndrome and is caused by a genetic mutation.