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For 70 years Mrs. Florian Paid The Rent For House She Did Not Live In

This happened in Paris, under the occupation of the German army. Mrs. Florian was 23 years old at that time when she decided to leave her apartment. She moved to the south of France as many other Parisians did.

She wanted to move away from the conflict zone as it was the beginning of the World War II. She never returned to the apartment after the end of the war, but she never stopped paying all the cost of the house until the end of her life.

Her relatives find out about the existence of the apartment only in 2010 after the owner died at the age of 91. 

Everything was preserved in the best way. It was inherited by Mrs. Florian’s grandmother. It also discovered a portrait of the actress Marthe de Florian, made by Boldini, which was sold for 2.5 million dollars. 

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