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Firemen Drive Bullied Boy Home – Hours later, Mom sees Strangers on Her Front Lawn

This young man is an inspiration for all.
In today’s world, fighting bullies is another challenge especially for the kids.

Bullying happens more often in schools despite the fact that schools should be the right places to educate the new generation about this phenomenon.

This article is dedicated to a young boy called Jonathan, who was a victim of bullying and as we may know this phenomenon takes a long time to stop.

Jonathan was autic and his school friends did not like this kind of student and have shown him a really bad behaviour. They beated him up, used to call him different names, and insult him.

He was never listening to them because he used to keep his headphones, until one day on the school bus on the way back home a student crashed his glasses and broke his lip.

Despite the fact he was autic and as we know, it is not easy to calm down persons who suffer from this issue, he was neutral, he did not say a word and did not fight back.

The persons who saw this incident between them were some firefighters, who took the situation in their hands and took him home to his mom.

All the way home Jonathan had a really good conversation with them, telling what his dreams were and what he wanted to become when he was older. They were so proud of him.

After dropping him home, the next hours the same firefighters visited him again in his yard with a big surprise. They could say he was the happies by only looking him in the eyes.

The firefighters brought him a pair of new shoes. They told him he was such a good kid, a great kid was growing up to be a better person in this world.

Jonathan proved again that he was a great kid by saying he forgave the student who bullied him and that wanted to invite him over for diner in his house to tell him and the rest of the world that the autic people are no different from other people. It is amazing how the grown up world can learn from the kids world.