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Father Wakes Up To Find His Three Daughters Dead From Accident That Left Him Paralyzed Forever

For 26-year-old father, Somchai Lurak was very happy with his family. Suddenly fate wanted to take his three little daughters from life.

It was a normal day for them. They were on their way to meet Somchai’s sister when suddenly a car traveling at high speed crashed so hard that Somchai Aneena, 6, Kya, 5, and Drayka, 3 remained trapped in the car. The driver was drunk.

When he was mentioned was in the hospital with very serious injuries and paralyzed. It was his sister Amanda and brother Anthony who gave him the terrible news. All three girls were pronounced dead. His daughters had left him alone.

Although some time has passed since the accident Somchai continues to be devastated by the death of the girls and does not perform any kind of movement. It is not known how long it will continue in this condition, his family members say.

Uncle Anthony says he misses his nieces’ hugs a lot. What he wants most in this world is for them to come back to life once again and everything to be as it was before.

Somchai was not traveling alone with the girls. Next to him was his fiancée Emma who was saved with very minor injuries. She says she loved them very much and looked at them as if she were their mother. She would be so happy if they hugged her one last time and be a family.

What we want to tell you is not to get drunk while giving the car away. It may cost you your life, but it’s the worst thing you can do to deprive others of the right to live. Today three little angels are in heaven. They had to die to show the world that it should be more responsible.

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