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Father Divides The Internet With Disgusting Punishment For Misbehaving Child

Being a parent is not easy, especially today.

There are many things parents have to go through, and when children start to stress you out with inappropriate behavior, you just can’t control your anger.

But there are better ways to cope with children. Kids are still learning and growing.

They aren’t adults to understand everything that is going on. 

One dad took it way too fare. This kind of treatment is an abuse. People on the internet started to give their opinion about this. 

This is gross and who does it is disgusting. 

I give occasional spanks to my children to discipline them. That is how I was raised and it turned out fine for us, but something like that in public? I would never do that. 

Everyone that is saying this is abuse, probably disrespects their parents and lack of discipline. 

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