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Fashion Experts Say You Should Stop Wearing Jeans Once You Reach This Age

In fact, our closets don’t always keep up when we age. Fashionistas at Tip Hero think and say that it is possible to age out of your favorite jeans. 

Experts advise dropping the denim in a donation bin, and this doesn’t come as just a matter of personal preference, but they also claim statistics. 

CollectPlus collected the data surveying 2,000 national shoppers. They wanted to explore what age customers felt irked when encountering people in denim trousers. 

The majority of the respondents agreed that people shouldn’t try to squeeze into blue jeans after they reach 53 years old. 

Respondents felt and thought that modern denim isn’t well made for older bodies. Twenty-four percent of them struggled to find a good fit and twenty-nine of them didn’t like anything. While only ten percent of older folks could try on over five pairs. 

It is real that shopping sometimes causes stress, that is why older folks try to find something that fits and stick with it. 

It is really the way to simplify fashion choices. If your favorite jeans are still comfortable, keep rocking. But if you need to replace them with new ones? This survey says that after a certain age you just don’t want to bother. 

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