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Farmer Discovers Secret Door In-Ground That Brings To Rare Things

Something wonderful happened to a farmer in 1850 when he discovered a doorway that was hidden and it led him to a breathtaking place.

The place was hidden and could not be seen from the naked eye. It is a place that emerged in nature which leaves you speechless. 

This place was a very particular site thousands of years ago.

Later it was all covered by sand and it was not discovered until 1850 when a storm swept the Islands of Orkney. 

It is thought that this place can be older than the famous pyramids of Egypt and it is known by the name of Skara Brae.

There is a building that used to be a workshop to make tools of wood or to make bone tools.

It has eight houses which are thought to have been built between 3180 – 2500 BC.

The architecture was well preserved by the sand that was covering it.

The houses were connected with each other and it was made possible through a tunnel. Their doors were made out of stone.

The houses are very similar to one another and this is proof that the inhabitants were all equal and lived their lives in harmony with each other.

No one knows what really happened to the inhabitants who used to live there, but everyone who has visited it admires this beautiful place.

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