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Family Catches Newly Adopted PitBull Biting Newborn Baby’s Crib

The Robinson family was very happy about the arrival of their second child, after having a six-year-old son. 

They moved to a small apartment while they were building a farm and a bigger home. Since they lived in a small house, they weren’t allowed to have any pets. 

They went to the shelter and found a shy PitBull named Benson. He had been used to fighting and after that, he was dumped on the streets. Volunteers found him when he had lost faith in humans and didn’t even lift his head. 

Another family adopted him but returned him the other day because he wasn’t friendly. Now Robinson’s family adopted Benson and he settled with them. 

He didn’t show love or affection to any of them, but only when the new baby arrived. 

One particular night, the family was terrified after hearing a loud barking coming from the baby’s room and they rushed there. After opening the door, they saw Benson biting the ribs of the crib. 

They were terrified and thought that he was trying to hurt the baby, but in fact, it was the opposite. 

The baby had stopped breathing and he was trying to intervene. They sent the baby to the hospital, and if Benson didn’t alert them, it could have gone worse. 

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