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Everyone Laughed At This Woman Even Though She Was Acting Normally

Heidi Powell is well known in the fitness world, and everyone heard about Jacqueline’s story, the woman who managed to lose 170 kg.

Heidi decided to share this inspiring story and show everyone that everything is possible if we really want. Jacqueline was ashamed to leave her house because of her extra pounds, and the more upset she was, the more she ate.

Jacqueline tried everything to lose weight, but nothing worked, and she decided to stop caring about what she eats and how she lives life.

One day she went to Disneyland with her boyfriend, but barely managed to walk to the front gate without a wheelchair. It was almost impossible for her to walk because of her weight.

Everyone looked at her strangely and judged the fact she was overweight. She felt humiliated and couldn’t do any activity.

In 2021, she was determined to change her life and called Jenny Craig. She found out that she had to lose more than 300 pounds, but she took it very seriously.

She lost 100 lbs in the first year, and in the second year, she lost 200 pounds. Jacqueline decided to get married after she reaches the weight she wants.

She stuck to working out and training four or five times a week and consuming Jenny Craig’s meals. She had a lot of excess skin that was left in the new body.

Jacqueline is trying to get payment from the insurance company to remove the skin, but it is difficult as they classified it as cosmetic.

Sometimes she finds it difficult, but she is excited to see what awaits her next. Jacqueline is very happy to really enjoy her life again.

She showed everyone what we can achieve if we really focus on what we want. You rock girl!