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Elderly Couple Was Surprised By Their Son Who Turned His Office Into A Suite For Them Both To Live In

When our parents hit their elderly age, we think about their best option to live. We want our parents the best and to be safe. 

This is easier to say, but most elderly care homes are expensive. For Schon’s parents, it is the same thing. They entered their golden years and he was thinking about the best way for their living.

Bonnie and George Miller, 87 YO, were forgetful, while Bonnie broke her shoulder. He knew he had to act fast. He came up with a solution best for them. He didn’t want to put them into a nursing home. 

We turned our office and basement into a suit for them. Got rid of everything there and made them a surprise. The couple seeing their new space made everyone in tears.

These are wonderful examples.