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Dying Little Boy Sat Up And Uttered Four Words, Then Closed His Eyes Forever Leaving Them In Tears

Parenting is a difficult and important task. Some parental tasks are very difficult; one is taking care of the child’s health. Nolan was a 2 years old little boy when he surprised everyone. He was diagnosed with cancer and his illness began to worsen.

little boy

The family of the little boy was shocked after receiving the sad news. His life and that of his family became very difficult. Now he has to spend time alone in hospitals receiving chemotherapy.

little boy

This was painful for the boy and the parents, who began to lose hope. But they fought and did not want to give up. Their son was diagnosed with rare soft tissue cancer. The disease had weakened his body. Now he was not like before.

The doctors announced that the disease was getting worse and was incurable. Nolan’s mother tells him that she should always stay close to him because he was in pain.

little boy

Nolan was a small but very brave boy. He tried to give his mother strength by telling her that she was fighting to live. His mother wanted the best for her son but she couldn’t do anything. He even told his mother that he would wait for him in Heaven. These statements were very difficult for his parents. His father also gave strength to himself and his wife.

little boy

They have been in the hospital for a long time. The battle with cancer was terrible. Nena tells the last moments with her son. He fell into a deep sleep because his lungs were not working. The oxygen level dropped and everyone became sad.

“This was the most difficult moment of our lives. Our son was in a coma. The doctors announced that these could be his last hours. He woke up and told me, mom, I love you so much. Then he died.” We pray for the soul of little Nolan.

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