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Dying Father Fights Death Just To See His Newborn Daughter Once

To watch your loving people fight for their lives is so painful, even when there is no more time left. We ensure that every minute we pass with them is a treasure and we want to accomplish their last wishes. 

This dying father’s wish was to meet his baby who wasn’t born yet. He was a brain tumor patient who kept himself fighting long enough to meet his newborn daughter. 

Brett and Nicola met years ago and created a beautiful family together, with two beautiful daughters. They enjoyed every moment together. 

He received his shocking diagnosis in 2015. He did the surgery and they removed as much of the tumor as they could. After a while, the tumor grew back and it was aggressive. His wife was pregnant with Arya, their third daughter.

It was diagnosed as an inoperable tumor. Nicola says that it was a race against time to make sure Brett meets his girl and hears that everything went ok with the labor. 

After spending some hours together, he dies knowing she was in his arms. Arya was born at 5:07 am, and at 8:25 am Brett died tragically. 

A superhero dad!