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Drunk Driver’s Mom Laughs At Victim’s Family In Court, Judge Teaches Her A Lesson

The fate of thousands of lives has been changed in a courtroom. The judges are the ones who call the shots and are put in front of controversial situations almost all the time.

Amanda Kosal is a 25-year-old who was accused of driving while drunk. This was the case of the accident that took the life of the 31-year-old man Jerome Ziker and injured his fiancee Brittany Johnson who was also 31 years old. 

This happened in Michigan and the trial was ruled by judge Qiana Lillard. Ziker’s family was devastated and their lives were deeply affected by Ziker’s death. What makes this even sadder is the fact that Ziker had 5 children. 

During the hearing, while Ziker’s family was reading their statement, something unusual was heard in the audience. Kosal’s family was heard giggling. Kosal’s mother with another of Kosal’d relatives were the ones who disrespected Ziker’s family. 

They were called out by the judge who was furious and referred to them as clowns. The mother was also sentenced to jail because of the lack of respect she showed. If anyone else would try to do the same as Donna, the mother, they would be put to jail too.

Donna was put in jail for 93 days for disrespectful behavior. Amanda Kosal on the other hand was put to jail for 3 to 15 years. Both mother and daughter are only facing the consequences of their actions and deserve the punishment that the judge gave them.

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