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Drew Barrymore On Self-Care And Weight: The Point Of Wellness To Me Is The Mental, I Don’t Care What Number Says

According to Drew Barrymore, living a healthy life does not just mean engaging in physical activity. Everyone knows that mental health is very important. 

But apparently for Barrymore, mental health is more important than physical health. She thinks weight is just a number and does not deserve attention. Barrymore tells a little of her life. She is very busy and has no opportunity to engage in physical activity.

But according to her the weight is only one umra. People do not always eat healthy foods. This also happens with Barrymore. She often consumes unhealthy foods and sleeps little. This can really damage her health. 

But she also devotes a lot of time and energy to her work. All he needs is spiritual peace and mental health. She shows that she is ready to make changes in her life even though she did not have time.

Sometimes he did not feel motivated, but he had to. This can have a positive effect on her health. Recently Barrymore has shared with her fans a part of the daily routine. She has shown that she wants to do sports and martial arts. 

Although she has a busy life she will make some changes. This can include healthy eating, walking, entertainment, balance, meditation. These activities are not difficult. But sometimes you can not find the time to do them. 

Barrymore insists she is not doing this to regulate body weight which she says is very unimportant. It all has to do with mental health.