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Donald Trump’s 3 Word Labor Day Message Is Causing A Stir

The message of the Former President of the U.S. has concerned a lot of people. Social media was shocked about his last announcement.

He didn’t handle the election defeat well. He even said that the election was stolen and Biden was a fraud.

His behavior escalated to dangerous levels that caused the shocking scenes on 6th January in Washington.

He encouraged his supporters to fight like hell and take back the elections. He was even removed from Twitter and other social media.

He was the first U.S president not to attend the inauguration of the successor. He said that we all knew that the Biden administration was going to be bad, but not that bad as they are.

He plans to make a comeback to the main stage. His recent Labor Day message is concerning.

He doesn’t have any social media but has an emailing list. People just couldn’t resist making comments.

“Fix 2020 First!” was his short and sweet message.