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Donald Trump Jr. Reveals He Played Video Games With Michael Jackson As A Child

Donald Trump Jr. grew up in the middle of luxury. He lived at the Trump Tower and experienced the epitome of wealth, with a triplex penthouse and around 50 rooms. 

He met some of the biggest celebrities on the planet there. But he had a special relationship with Michael Jackson and even played games with him. 

He was born in 1977 but didn’t have the childhood any kid would want. At the time he was born, his father was one of the biggest real estate moguls.

He said that his father didn’t love him as a little boy, but besides that, he grew up close to him. He hung out with huge celebrities. 

He said that when I would see a celebrity home, I would usually run in the other direction. But he had a special friend that he will never forget.

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson had an apartment in Trump Tower, and spent time with Trump Jr. He alongside his siblings, had playdates with his neighbor, Michael Jackson who lived next door.

His father even gave a copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Jackson. We played together on Nintendo and Michael really liked the game. And my father came in and said why don’t you take the game, Michael?

The greatest thing our parents did for us is that they made us work for the things we wanted. So that game took me a lot of time to earn it. And Michael just took the game, and I was like what is going on here?