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Donald Trump Called A ‘Disgrace’ For What He Did On Melania’s Birthday

Everyone sees the Trump couple as a beautiful and nice couple. The last things that happened between them have spread a lot of rumors. But neither of them accepts these voices. They seem to be doing well and have a stable relationship. However, news and images are circulating on social media that often make us doubt.

Recently, the news is circulating about Melanie Trump’s birthday. And how could news like this escape? On social media we see commentators and critics upset by Trump’s behavior on his wife’s birthday. They call his Melanie birthday present inappropriate. But this is not the first time people are upset with Donald Trump’s behavior. He has often provoked public opinion with his words or deeds.

Is this a love story? Donald and Melanie Trump met in 1998. At the time, Mr. Trump was in the process of divorcing his second wife. However, he fell in love with Melanie. It led them to be together for about 6 years and get engaged in 2004. They seemed very happy with this decision and living together.

Trump had 4 children before he married Melanie. While with Melanie there is only one child Barron William Trump. Their marriage according to the statements is healthy and they try to dedicate time to family and each other.

 Their lives were going very well. But that all changed when Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. He was very enthusiastic about this victory. But Melanie did not look like that. She wasn’t prepared for this chapter in her life. Who would have thought of such a thing? Melanie was proclaimed First Lady. However, she was not admired as much as Michelle Obama. The latter won the hearts of the American people and beyond.

But recently Melanie had her birthday. Although rumors circulated that Donald and Melanie would split after the presidential election, they denied the allegations. They are not intended for divorce. They are even happy together. But the strangest thing happened on Melanie’s birthday. Trump used her birthday for political reasons. How did he use this opportunity to attract the attention of his loved ones to contribute to the protection of Trump’s legacy. He called on them to sign a letter, which seemed like a contract. According to him, the 100 dollars that would be collected were the ideal gifts for his wife’s birthday.