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Donald Sutherland’s Son, Kiefer Tells About His Father’s Love Affair With Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland seem to have experienced a beautiful love story. This is confirmed, by his son Kiefer. They are famous however, this was not at all easy for them. Everyone has worked hard to achieve what they want.

They show that to make their dreams come true and they are very satisfied with their work and life. Father Kiefer, is one of the most famous Canadian actresses and has not only acted in movies but also in various series. He has participated in films starring famous actresses.

He is very well known for his special appearance. Although he felt very discriminated against, Donald tried to be very strong. Friends in his class, teachers, or even different people he faced on the street, looked at him strangely because of the shape and size of his ears.

He became known to the public when he started appearing in some of the famous films. Donald is very hardworking. However, he did not always get what he deserved because many times he was rejected by various companies. Some companies did not even give him a role in the film they were going to make. He shows that his life is difficult but, he remains satisfied. In the last interview he gave, he says “After all, this is the story of my life.”

But what he and no one expected happened. He became famous precisely because of his ears, and this may seem very strange. He got a role in a movie because he had the facial features that the movie director was looking for in the new character. This was the most beautiful period for Sutherland.

He starred in the movie M * A * S * H, ​​in 1970. He also starred in a movie with Jane Fonda. It is said that he was in a love affair with her. He was still married to Shirley Douglas. This is also confirmed by his son. he said they were not in a relationship but his father loved Jane Fonda.