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Don McLean Cut Off Financially His Daughter After She Accused Him Of Abuse

Don McLean is a well-known singer and has participated in American Pie. Recently, rumors have been circulating about his relationship with his daughter. in the last interview, he admits that he does not support his daughter financially.

The 75-year-old shows that he had a strong reason for making this decision. His daughter Jackie McLean, has given an interview in which she showed that her father abused her emotionally. That’s why he does not give money to his daughter anymore.

Don McLean tells the Daily Mail that he loved his daughter very much, but was very disappointed by her behavior. The same thing happened to his son. However, he found a solution and a quick answer to it. It all started with the interview of Don’s daughter. The 31-year-old accused her father of mental and emotional abuse. According to her, she lived in fear in her home and felt upset. This was the interview that sealed everything. Her father decided not to support her financially anymore.

Don reveals that he has supported his daughter for a long time. He has given them from his wealth. Now she has to work on her own and earn a living. He inherited everything he owned from his daughter. he even gave her a monthly salary. She lived a luxurious life and had everything she wanted. But in the interview, she denied everything her father had done for her. She admitted that she may have gone insane because of her father’s intimidating behavior. She says life in her father’s house was scary.

But Don says the opposite. He reveals that he was a loving father. However, Don was accused several times of domestic violence. He was found guilty several times. The girl and his wife show that he is violent in the family and life with him is scary. But he told the Daily Mail that life with his wife was scary. She was tough. His wife, however, denies the allegations.