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Does Your Shih Tzu Not Like Someone? Science Shows He’s Right

Everyone says your Shih Tzu has a sixth sense to find out if a person likes you or not. Well, recent research has just confirmed the theory.

Research by a group from Kyoto University (Japan), published in the journal “Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews”, analyzed how dogs and their owners reacted in a hypothetical situation:

The pet owner was supposed to pretend he couldn’t open a box and ask two researchers for help. One of the scientists refused to help, while another was far more helpful.

Study result

After this scene, the two researchers offered the dog a cookie. The greater the researcher’s refusal to help, the less the analyzed dogs were willing to accept the cookie.

Scientists have concluded that Shih Tzu is able to judge whether a person was good or bad and treat them according to how their owner was treated. In other words: trust when your Shih Tzu doesn’t seem to like someone – he may have seen more than you realize.