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Doctors Warning: If You Are Using Aluminum Foil, Stop Or Face Deadly Consequences

All of us in our households have aluminum foil which we use for cooking or to wrap food. But what we all need to know is that this product is not safe. 

Aluminum is a heavy metal and it can cause some negative issues on the functionalities of our brain. It is also thought that it can cause Alzheimer’s.

This kind of metal can cause a loss of coordination. It can also cause the loss of memory and balance. And the other bad thing is that these kinds of losses are long-lasting. 

Also, if you cook with aluminum foil, it can cause bone damage since it can take over the calcium that is inside our bones.

It also causes negative effects on our respiratory organs. If we inhale it, the aluminum foil can cause pulmonary fibrosis.

What most people don’t acknowledge is that when a material such as aluminum is put under the effect of high temperature, it can release parts of itself. 

These parts get stuck into our food. It is estimated that when a dish I cooked using this foil takes about 400mg of it. 

The World Health Organization said that this is unacceptable and that it should not weigh more than 60mg in one day.

Did you know this useful information before reading this article?

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