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Doctor Whose Father Has Down Syndrome Reveals What It Was Like Being Raised By Him

When it comes to people with Down Syndrome, there is a huge misconception among people that they can not have productive lives, that they can not have children.

The truth is that a woman with Down Syndrome can bear a child just as fine as any other woman. And in some cases, also men with the same syndrome can become fathers.

For instance, Jad Issa is a man with this condition who became the father of a boy who he raised to be a doctor. He has worked all his life to provide for the family and this is what inspired Sader, his son, to thrive and grind for a better life for him and his parents. 

Sader is going to become a dentist and Jad does not lose the opportunity to share his happiness with people around him. He is proud of Sader.

Another font of inspiration for Sader is the relationship his parents have with each other. His mother does not have the syndrome, only his dad does, but this has never been or brought any problems to their relationship. 

Sader says that their love for one another only grows stronger as the years pass by. He describes them as soulmates as they are able to immediately understand the needs of each other. 

This beautiful story should teach us the value of love and that it can help overcome every obstacle. What are your feelings about this story? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section on Facebook.