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Did She Make Meghan Markle Cry? Kate Middleton Has ‘Risen Above’ Claims

Meghan Markle’s relationship with other members of the royal family is not so good. Known for a weak and often conflicted relationship, Meghan Markle seems to have failed to endure this time as well. Yet her life in the royal palace was very hectic. We all know that she was not the most favorite woman in that palace. She had to fight not only against the people who did not support her, but also against the dukes and duchesses. According to her, many of them tried to tarnish her image.

It seems that the relationship between Markle and Duchess Kate Middleton is not very good. Markle has recently revealed that she has felt offended by the Duchess’s behavior and even cried. According to Meghan, what became the purpose of this “boredom” is Middleton’s behavior. But it seems that the duke did not remain silent from this accusation. She did not wait at all to respond to Meghan’s words.

Royal experts say recently Meghan has had a very difficult time. But she confirmed this during the famous interview with Oprah Winfrey on Mars. There she claimed that she had spent a lot of a hard time in the palace. What shocked everyone was the fact that the Duchess of Sussex said. She showed that they made her cry, even on the happiest day of her life, on her wedding day.

The relationship between Harry and his brother is also not good. However, Meghan feels hurt and very upset by everything that happened. She was made to cry by the failure of the bride’s companion dress and for this, she blames Kate Middleton.

She started crying during the interview as she was telling her story. She indicated that the Duchess’s intention was not good and that she constantly wanted Meghan to look bad in front of others. In the interview, she told many facts and events from which it seems that their relationship will never improve.