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Despite All The Warnings, The Couple Was Determined To Find Out More About The Girl

The couple decided to open the doors of their home to their sixth child. Bernie and Diane had 5 sons who were already adults. 

So they decided to help a child who needed a family. This story is an example of unconditional generosity and love. Bernie and Diane just wanted to make a small child happy. They were convinced that they would be very good parents.

The couple decided to adopt a child. They participated in an adoption activity. There they saw photos of many small children. But Diane saw one more photo than the others. She was the picture of little girl Danielle. 

In the picture, her eyes were black and she was a beautiful girl. They felt an inexplicable love at that moment. But the employee at the event tells Diane that she could find another child. Danielle’s past was very sad.

She had been abused for several years. Also for 7 years, she had not seen the sun or the world outside. Her mother had locked her in the house. 

She slept on the floor on a soiled mattress. After the event was discovered. Danielle’s mother lost her parental rights to the daughter. Detectives and psychologists who dealt with Danielle’s case revealed that this was the most horrific event they had ever seen. 

They adopted Danielle and gave her a lot of love. She is already a healthy and very beautiful girl. She went through a difficult period in her life yet she found her parents’ love again.

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