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Demi Moore As A Model Walks Down The Runway And Looks Completely Different Than Before

Years ago it was taboo to get several surgical procedures just to look more beautiful. Today things have changed and it is no longer one. 

Demi Moore is a famous American actress who is actually an American sweetheart. She has 3 children and is known mostly for her performance in the movie “Ghost”.

She was accused of having done some surgical procedures back a few years ago. She refused to have done them.

People had seen her in a clinic and assumed that she was there for surgical procedures. But Demi denied this and said she was there just to get a facial. 

But later, in 2020, Demi actually accepted that she eventually had had some work done to change her appearance. 

According to her, it was not something she had done to her face. It is irritating for Demi when she hears people talk or reads articles about how much she might have spent with plastic surgeries. 

There is this picture of her from the Paris Fashion Week of 2021 which left the fans shocked. Everyone pointed out her giant cheekbones. 

It looked nothing natural and everyone was convinced that she had done something there to change and enhance them. 

Fans were disappointed. 

What about you? What do you think, has she had plastic surgeries? 

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