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Deaf & Blind Shih Tzu, Covered With Tumours & Warts, Rescued By Animal Welfare Group

Buddy, a deaf and blind Shih Tzu saw surrendered by its own owners at the animal shelter. They claimed that everything was fine with Buddy, but the volunteers were shocked when they saw the dog’s appearance. 

Over the last two weeks, Buddy had had to go under two procedures. The Dog Rescue Singapore group has been sharing their updates regarding Buddy’s conditions on their Facebook profile.

Buddy was in very bad health conditions when he was brought to the clinic. He was extremely underweight. He is seven years old, but by his appearance, he seems like he is actually twice his age. 

They were able to reach the conclusion that he had never been taken to visit a vet. Apart from being deaf and blind, Buddy also had some other health issues. He had very high blood pressure and under his neck, there was an open mass that could not be removed because it was linked to some major blood vessels.

His teeth were broken and rotten. Also, his testicles had to be removed. Countless warts also had to be removed from his body. His owners had neglected him so much that some tumors had started to spread in his body, and he was diagnosed with skin cancer.

We are happy to say that now Buddy is doing much better and is regaining his health.

In case anyone wants to help with the vet bill for Buddy’s treatments, they can donate to this email address [email protected].

The neglect of Buddy is being investigated by The Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS). The first-time offenders that are caught abusing their pets or other animals, can be charged up to $15.000 and/or be jailed for up to 18 months. 

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