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Danny Bonaduce’s Mysterious Illness

His name became famous in 1970. He is the famous redheaded boy from the partridge family. The show ended up being a hit and was over his teen years and had a lot of crushes.

His mother explained that a lot of girls hang out of their house at night and she wouldn’t let them in.

He was too young that time and kind of enjoyed all that attention. His fans would open their shirts because they had written messages in their bodys.

At the age of 14 had 350.000$ fortune and used to hang out with Michael Jackson who was 16 years old. He had a really different childhood from the kids of his age by flying on jets, he rode an elephant and flew on Concorde.

He missed a lot of normal kid activity. After the end of his show he found it hard to find other roles because the directors did not find him funny or cute anymore.
In the ‘80 he decided to leave Hollywood to become a radio personality.

He married a Japanese woman but the marriage didn’t last long because she married him for a green card. He has a marriage journey. After divorcing the Japanese woman he got married to Gretchen Hillmer, an actress and interpreter.

From this marriage he has two kids. After divorcing Gretchen he married his present wife Amy Railsback. She discovered something was going wrong with her husband. He couldn’t walk, talk or do anything.

Amy took him immediately to hospital. The doctors found it hard to discover what was wrong with him and called his illness the mystery illness.

His sister shared online thet the illness was taking the mystery job too seriously and the doctors couldn’t find a name and are trying to solve it. Now he is better but not completely recovered. We wish him well.

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