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Dad Catches Babysitter Trying To Rape His Daughter, Delivers Justice

A married couple had to witness a terrible scene on the way home with their infant daughter and their babysitter. The dad took action against him before the police arrived there.

Jayson Newlun from North Kansas City, for the family, was a trusted friend whom the parents of the baby could believe him their daughter when they needed to leave to the mall. This turned out to be a terrible idea and was discovered only when they arrived home to see the unexpecting thing.

Jayson Newlun a 26-year-old man was alone with the one-year-old baby girl, while she was napping he would babysit her until the parents were back from the store. While the parents left he lost no time doing his dirty thing. But fate was on the baby’s side because the mother had forgotten something at home and they had to come back earlier than the man expected.

The moment she arrived home she felt something word because the babysitter was not on the couch and the girl’s door was open. She went through it and saw the terrible scene. Dear God, even we made our stomachs sick because he was mastur*ating while touching the girl’s genit*ls.

The pervert had taken off the baby’s clothes and was taking pictures of the innocent child as he was pleasuring himself. The other ran to her husband and told him what she was and called the police but the father had a different idea.

He went immediately inside angry and started beating him so hard as he gained the neighborhood’s attention. When the police arrived, they arrested him and charged him with first-degree statutory sodomy.

The prison was not going to be easy for him as he committed one of his worst parent’s nightmares. Abusing a child is the worst crime anyone can do and we can say no one is safe in this disgusting world full of disgusting people like him.

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