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Dad Buys Used Car For Daughter’s 16th Birthday, Finds Letter In Glove Box Addressed To Him

Many people go for a used car as their first car or when they want to give a present to their children. It is an option especially when you buy that for a teenager.

This father wanted to give a car as a gift to his daughter for her birthday and did that as a surprise.

After searching for the right car for his daughter, he found it very safe to drive and in good condition. A silver-colored Ford was what he picked.

After that he found a letter addressed to him in the glove compartment. The letter was so touching and he decided to take action.

Sabrina Archey wanted so much her silver Ford called Sylvia and was forced to sell it.

She had lost her family in a house fire and to pay the funeral cost she had to sell it.

She had written a letter to the buyer about what happened and asked to buy it back a second time if the buyer wanted to do so.

She knew she couldn’t afford to repurchase the car. 

He organized a fundraiser for her to buy the car back, which was amazing.

God bless Kevin!